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The BARR/PRINT Channel FICON solution is a two PC/ Server solution. The Mainframe connects to the Print FICON Server via a FICON connection. A thin, flexible, fibre-optic FICON cable connects the adapter to the mainframe. Each interface on a FICON adapter is capable of supporting up to 16 CU images (LPARs) and 256 sub-channels (sessions).

Using the Barr FICON Input service solution you can receive jobs to the Barr HOST Communication Suite (BHCS) and then from there you can direct your jobs to existing network print queues on a LAN.





Features and Benefits

  • Receives multiple jobs simultaneously on different channel addresses with independent banner page recognition for each channel address

  • Supports FCBs and UCSBs

  • Supports end-of-file detection options by using banner pages, FCBs, or timeouts

  • Extracts banner page text to define BHCS properties such as FORMNAME and JOBNAME

  • Supports multiple 3211 printer connections per adapter (the total number of 3211 printer connections depends on system resources)


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