Customer Training

On Site Services

With Barr's special On-Site Services, you will gain the expertise of a fully-trained systems engineer with comprehensive knowledge of Barr products and environments. These Microsoft® Certified professionals are available to come to your site to install, configure and setup your Barr solution in one short visit. Or you may purchase their time to assist you exclusively over the phone to help you implement or troubleshoot your solution and its environment. On-site visits are a popular service that also allows our experienced staff to train your IT team to become more proficient with Barr's software and hardware solutions. This kind of service often cuts down the installation, configuration and migration time from several weeks to just a few days. Our expertise provides a smoother and quicker transition, with fewer costly problems and less time spent on setup. This yields a very high cost savings for your company, both in time and money.

  • Our On-Site Services provide all necessary expertise for customers who might have limited experience with SNA, network, mainframe, or channel printer configuration

  • Having Barr professionals onsite for the initial install can save countless hours of implementation time and often makes the difference between a 3-day versus a 3-week implementation cycle

  • Allowing our support professionals to install and implement your Barr solution frees up your internal resources for other tasks

  • On-Site professionals can train your operators and system administrators on the software once it's installed, and reduce or eliminate the need for calling technical support

  • When you invest in our dedicated support, you're not only getting the advanced expertise of a Barr Systems engineer, you're gaining access to the tools and knowledge of the people who originally created your Barr products


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