BARR/PRINT390 is an optional software and hardware module of the Barr Enterprise Print Server. It connects channel-attached production printers to a Windows®-based personal computer. It drives up to eight printers per adapter and can use up to four adapters per Print Server.



s/390 printers

BARR/PRINT390 integrates easily into the Windows print architecture. The module is implemented with two components: a Barr PRINT390 printer driver and a Barr PRINT390 port monitor. The Barr PRINT390 printer driver prepares data for a channel printer by generating EBCDIC data with S/390 machine carriage control. The Barr PRINT390 port monitor is used to communicate with the CHANNEL-OUT adapter.

There is also an IPDS version of this product:

BARR/PRINT390 for IPDS allows you to connect your channel-attached IPDS printers directly to the print server running on a windows platform anywhere on your TCP/IP network. Your host's PSF will convert the AFP data stream to IPDS and communicate via TCP/IP or SNA directly to your channel attached IPDS printer through the print server.

With BARR/PRINT390 for IPDS over SNA, you can connect to MVS mainframes running PSF/MVS through Microsoft's® SNA gateway - Microsoft SNA Server or Microsoft Host Integration Server (HIS) - and use BARR/CHANNEL with ESCON® or Bus & Tag cables as your physical host connection. With BARR/PRINT390 for IPDS over IP, you can connect to any host through an IP socket.




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